Announcing New "Dive" Collection

I'm happy to announce the start of a brand new collection.

Dive: When light falls to darkness…

Dive is a collection of paintings representing the descent from light into darkness. Dive into your heart, your inner most feelings and fears. Explore the depths of the endless seas of chaos, free from worry or care. Or perhaps you wish to return to the light? Just remember, the closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

My process:

The paintings are dive are a combination of both tradition and digital mediums. The paintings are first handed painted with gouache on paper. The painting is then photographed, digitally edited, and then reprinted on canvas to create the finished result.

I find this technique of using mixed media to be quite an amazing experience because I never know 100% how a painting will turn out when I first start painting. Yes, I have an idea what I would like the painting to look like completed, yes, I can paint in certain ways that emphasizes certain shapes and colors. But there are parts that are left up to the computer. It is almost like a metaphor. The unknown of the computer algorithms is like a darkness tainting the original painting. But having now learned to control this “darkness” I’ve now made use of it to creating a finished piece I’m proud of.

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